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There are a number of flash tutorials for different functions of these programs. If there is any particular function that is not demonstrated that you're interested in, please send me an e-mail.

Speaking of WinMeet, it has undergone some significant improvements. It is now possible to program the Colorado Timer from the office. Many lesser improvements have been made, too many to detail here, but, one such worth mentioning is the display of the estimated # of minutes until the first heat of each event (when you click on the tab for the event).

A new program is being offered, Records PRO. It allows you to easily enter (individually or via SDIF files) times in order to update pool, team, league, LSC, or whatever sort of swimming records you might have in mind. (On my machine it can extract pool records from 100 SDIF files, almost 20 years worth, over a quarter million swims, in less than 30 seconds. Times fly!!) One unique feature is that you can not only see the records in all possible events, but, you can see the history for each record. Those incredible times from yesteryear, that are no longer the MOST incredible, are not lost.

keeps track of all the times for the swimmers in your family, while WinTimes keeps tracks of every time EVER swum by the swimmers on a team, providing a plethora of reports for your coaches, parents, and swimmers.

SDIF files (especially coaches) just cannot function as well without SDIF PRO. It allows you to "slice and dice" any SDIF file by LSC, team, swimmer or course. You can create new SDIF files with subsets of the original data AND you can print out results. Current users should downoad the latest version, for there have been improvements. Don't's free! Download it now!

Standards Pro is another free utility for creating and managing time standards.  It defines a storage format which makes it easy for your coaches to define a set of standards for their league or organization.

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