WinTimes will keep track of every swim of every swimmer that has ever swum on your team.  In addition, it keeps track of your All time top 10 individual and relay times in all 3 courses (SCY/SCM/LCM).  It generates a variety of reports (which can be previewed, printed, or e-mailed) such as best times for meets, age groups, individuals or the whole darn team.  It will tell you who had the most best times in every age group (you can weight the meets), who are your all time best swimmers in any event or agegroup.  You can sort the swimmers in any age group by their best times in any event (useful for setting up relays) with a single click!  Times can be input via SDIF files or via the keyboard.  You can get stats from every meet (how many swimmers, swims, best times, etc).

WinTimes  is currently undergoing a major, major  transformation, intending to turn it into the "Swiss Army Knife" of swim team managers.  In addition to its traditional functions of keeping track of all times, team records, top10, best times, and best time points, it is now maintains team lists, generates workout attendance sheets, and prints address labels.